Xero has recently launched a direct integration to Shopify. This article will explain the key differentiators of the two solutions and how to choose which is appropriate for your business.


A2X offers a tried-and-true solution that scales with your Shopify store and is significantly more comprehensive in features; such as handling higher order volumes, COGS, gift cards, refunds, split payments etc. Since 2014, A2X has constantly refined the integration to meet the ever-changing needs of Shopify accounting, so we remain confident A2X is the gold standard in ecommerce accounting.

Key A2X differences

  • Accuracy/reliability - A2X is a tried and true solution (trusted by 1000’s of Shopify businesses)

  • Scales with your Shopify stores- You can grow your business without having to switch accounting connectors once you have outgrown the Xero connector.

  • A2X has COGS/Inventory features to support your store.

  • Multi-channel - A2X supports ecommerce businesses that have multiple stores/sales channels

  • Multi-currency support

  • Receive A2X expert support from ecommerce accountants and bookkeepers

  • A2X is Xero’s staff pick and remain their number one app in this category

  • Supports large ecommerce sellers

Xero’s integration

Xero's integration with Shopify is a basic integration that supports small merchants who are just starting out on Shopify with low order volumes. To connect your Xero and Shopify accounts there’s a monthly fee of $22, in addition to your monthly Xero subscription fee. This will be charged immediately when you connect your Xero and Shopify accounts and then monthly thereafter.

  • Syncs your Shopify sales transactions to Xero automatically

  • Allows you to control which of your payment gateways invoices are generated

  • Creates a daily summary invoice per payment gateway,

What the Xero and Shopify integration doesn’t do:

The Xero and Shopify integration doesn’t cover inventory, COGS, split sales, import customer details, or individual Shopify orders. Instead, a simplified view of daily sales is imported as a summarized invoice.

How to choose what is right for your ecommerce business?

The direct Xero/Shopify integration is suitable for your business if you are doing a low order volume and would like basic automation features.

A2X is suitable for small Shopify businesses but will grow with you and offers more comprehensive features.

If you have further questions, please reach out to us at contact@a2xaccounting.com. We would be happy to help you.

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