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Connecting A2X to Sage
Connecting A2X to Sage
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The steps below will walk you through getting started with Sage and A2X. Please read our article HERE for more information on Sage compatibility.

Step 1: Log into your A2X account and start the connection process

Before connecting to Sage, login to your A2X account. You can also connect your A2X account to your Ecommerce - but this can be done either before or after connecting to Sage.

Click on the 'Connect to Sage' button on your home page:

Step 2: Connect to Sage

After you click ‘Connect to Sage’ button, you will be taken to a new window to confirm you are wanting to 'connect to sage'.

Once you click connect a new window will open where you will need to select your country or region:

Next you will be taken to login to your Sage account:

When selected you will be taken to the next window, where you need to click ‘Allow’ button to grant A2X permission to connect:

After allowing access, if multi currency is not yet enabled in Sage a notification window will pop up - follow these instructions to enable this feature here

Lastly you will be redirected to your A2X account home page and it will show Sage ‘connected’:

In A2X, you should see the Sage connection settings screen as shown below:

You can now continue to step 4 - Set up Account and Tax Mapping

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to us at We would be glad to help you.

Hint: If you are in chat and wish to view the article outside of the chat window, please click HERE

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