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Are the A2X transactions automatically posted to the accounting system?
Are the A2X transactions automatically posted to the accounting system?

With A2X, you have complete control over what gets posted to your accounting system

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Transactions from A2X can be posted automatically by enabling the Auto-Posting feature in your settings. A2X doesn't automatically post any entries to your accounting without enabling this function and for historical data, we don't ever post it automatically so you know you are always safe trialing A2X.

You can enable Payouts and COGS settlements to be sent automatically to your accounting system.

If you turn on A2X’s automation function in Settings > Auto Posting, A2X will post new entries that are fetched into A2X to the accounting system, automatically.

To learn more about Auto-posting click HERE.

If you're new to A2X, start by manually posting your entries from A2X to your accounting software. Once you've had a chance to test A2X and are happy with your settings, then turn on the automation feature.

For each settlement period, A2X summarizes transactions ready for posting to the accounting system. In QuickBooks, the summary is in the form of a QuickBooks journal. In Xero, it is in the form of an invoice.

Before posting the data to your accounting software, you can preview the entry by clicking on the "review" icon next to your settlement file in A2X.

Click on this dropdown arrow to see the details of your entry in A2X:

Then, post your entry to QuickBooks Online or Xero. For QuickBooks Online users, you will see a green "Match" in your bank feed. For Xero users, approve your draft invoice or bill from A2X, then you will see the green "Match" in your bank feed.

(Note: Sales sent to QuickBooks Online won´t show up in the Sales Tab, to search for your journal entries you can click on the magnifying glass to view Recent Activities or find them under Review in your banking feed).

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the support team for more information.

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