With A2X, you can have confidence in your ecommerce financials knowing your client's numbers match to the penny, every time. We've designed features for accountants and bookkeepers with multiple ecommerce clients including advanced tracking, advanced mapping, account overview dashboards, creating teams and more.

How does A2X Work?

Reconciles to the payments in your client's bank feed

A2X generates summarized journals or invoices that match the payments to your bank account. A2X has been built from the ground up with one basic premise - to correctly reconcile all transactions back to the money in your bank account. We believe this is the one data point that you can have confidence in.

Example of Shopify Payout in Xero

Example of a summarized Invoice from A2X in Xero

Transaction details are attached to each invoice or journal entry for your reference.

Note: If you are in the UK and concerned about the need for daily sales reporting, please check out our article A2X and Making Tax Digital

Accurate Accrual Accounting

A2X will split the payout data according to which month the sales or fees actually occurred in. This will ensure that your financial accounts properly record the transactions in the month that they've occurred in.

Flexible & Advanced Mapping Features

There are many different types of transactions in ecommerce accounting including sales, discounts, refunds, fees, pending payments, gift cards, sales tax and more. You can choose to map each category type to an account within QuickBooks or Xero. For advanced mapping, you can map at a sub-category level if you prefer to have more control of your mapping, and you can easily refine your mapping at any point.

How do I get started?

Getting started with A2X

Sign up in minutes and watch the magic unfold. Summaries of your clients' transactions will appear in their A2X dashboard, ready to be sent to their accounting system. Reference this article for instructions on getting started.

Access all of your clients’ accounts from one A2X login

From your one A2X login, you can set up multiple A2X accounts, each account will be connected to your client's ecommerce store and accounting software. If you belong to a team of accountants, you can create and manage teams within A2X. Reference this article for more information on user permissions and creating teams

Have a demo or free trial using your ecommerce client's real data

If you would like to see A2X in action with your clients data, we can provide 1:1 training where we connect to your clients seller accounts and their accounting system, and you can see real data summarized and ready for posting. Reference this article for more information

How does A2X work with Sales Tax?

As an ecommerce seller ensuring you collect the right taxes for your sales, and account for those taxes is an important responsibility. You may benefit from using tax apps such as Avalara, Quaderno, Taxify or Taxjar to verify how much your client is required to remit.

Sales Tax in USA and Canada A2X records tax collected by Amazon, Shopify or Walmart, including marketplace facilitator tax. For most ecommerce sellers using A2X, the sale tax collected will be mapped to a sales tax liability account on your balance sheet.

VAT in UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand we'll show you how typical VAT and GST transactions will appear in A2X and the basics of accounting for VAT in A2X for for your ecommerce sellers.

To enable settings in your A2X account for VAT and GST mapping:

If you have any questions about A2X, please feel free to reach out to the Partner training team for more information at Partners@a2xaccounting.com.

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