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A2X for Shopify and Australian or New Zealand GST - Video Tutorial
A2X for Shopify and Australian or New Zealand GST - Video Tutorial

Accounts and Taxes Mapping Video Tutorial

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Disclaimer: You should get tax advice from your accountant or tax adviser. These instructions are for technical configuration of A2X.

In A2X, tax amounts come through as separate transaction lines in your payouts. This is great if you need all tax to be allocated to a single liability account and when you aren't running tax reports directly from your accounting system.

But when you do run tax reports from your accounting system, like your Business Activity Statement or GST reports (if you are registered for GST) for example, you need the accounting system to calculate the tax amounts based on tax rates provided in your accounting system.

To achieve this, tax rates need to be applied within the tax rate column in A2X.

That all sounds ok, right? GST on Sales etc, that part is pretty straight forward. But what about the tax that has already been separated out by A2X?

That's the bit that can seem a little tricky, but with this video tutorial, you'll find it's not tricky at all!

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