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Amazon Pay fee accounting and settlement reconciliation
Amazon Pay fee accounting and settlement reconciliation - Set Up
Amazon Pay fee accounting and settlement reconciliation - Set Up

How to set up Amazon Pay reconciliation in A2X.

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Scenario 1: A2X for Amazon and A2X for Shopify

In this scenario A2X is importing all of the sale channel data from Shopify and can accrue the expected sales and refunds in the clearing account. The corresponding charges will then be offset in the A2X for Amazon.

Set up

Step 1

Set up an A2X for Amazon account that is connected to the Seller Central account that contains Amazon Pay (you may already be using A2X for Amazon) and choose the correct price plan.

Step 2

On your Amazon account navigate to Settings - > Amazon Pay and enable Amazon Pay.

Step 3

Navigate to Accounts and Taxes and map the Amazon Pay transactions to the corresponding chart of accounts. Please note you MUST expand the ‘+’ to map each transaction under Amazon Pay separately.

TIP: If this A2X for Amazon Account is being used only for Amazon Pay (as you do not sell on Amazon) we suggest mapping all the other transactions to a suspense account or an account that is not used.

The Amazon Pay Capture and Amazon Pay Refund transactions will correspond to the sales and refunds being applied to the clearing account from A2X for Shopify. These should be applied against the same clearing account. The other fees and charges can be accounted for as required.

For any Amazon Pay Reserve Balance lines, we recommend mapping these to an Amazon Reserved Balances (other current asset) account.

Step 4

If there are Amazon Pay transactions these will show up in the Settlements screen and you will be able to review them.

By selecting ‘review’ a breakdown of the Amazon Pay transactions are available.

Step 5

Send the settlement to the accounting system as you normally would. It will reconcile to the bank deposit from Amazon Pay.

Scenario 2: A2X for Amazon with another sales channel

In this scenario the A2X for Amazon is able to import the sales, refunds, fees - but has no visibility to the underlying sales channel data (for example form Magento or Woocommerce). In this case A2X for Amazon can account for the charges and the fees, but the sales channel accounting needs to be handled outside of A2X. It is expected a similar clearing account will be set up to accrue the sales through the additional sales channel.

If your Amazon Pay account is being used for multiple channels (for example Shopify and Magento) then you will need to apply both sales channels to the same clearing account and apply the same transactions from A2X for Amazon to that clearing account.

Carry out Steps 2 - 5 above

In step 3 make sure you are choosing the same clearing account that you are using to accrue the sales through your other sales channel.

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