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Amazon Pay fee accounting and settlement reconciliation
Amazon Pay fee accounting and settlement reconciliation - FAQs
Amazon Pay fee accounting and settlement reconciliation - FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions

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What is a Capture?

This is an Amazon term used to describe the sales and charges that Amazon sends in the settlements.

I already use A2X for Shopify, how do I get the Amazon Pay reconciliation capability?

Simply set up an A2X for Amazon account that is connected to the Seller Central account that contains Amazon Pay.

How do I configure A2X for Amazon if the seller account for Amazon Pay is different to the main Amazon seller account for marketplace sales?

If you have a separate Amazon seller account for Amazon Pay you will need to create and connect a separate A2X for Amazon account. Pricing is based on the order volumes of the Amazon Pay settlements.

Can I connect Amazon Pay inside of an A2X Shopify account?

In an A2X for Shopify account the Amazon Pay data comes from Shopify, and will use a clearing account to accrue the expected charges and refunds. The actual charges (Amazon Pay calls these Captures) and refunds will be imported in the A2X for Amazon account and can be applied to the clearing account to offset the accrued balance.

It looks like there are 3 steps to the accounting equation. Can you explain?

Yes, there is; assume you sell 1 item for $110 on Shopify

Step 1 - In your A2X for Shopify settlement A2X will:

  • Credit $100 to sales

  • Credit $10 to shipping

  • Debit $110 to Shopify Clearing account

Step 2 - In your A2X for Amazon account you will see the Amazon Pay settlement and will be for $105

  • Credit $110 to the Shopify Clearing Account

  • Debit $5 to Amazon Pay fees

Step 3 - In your accounting system (Amazon bank payment)

  • Debit $105 to bank account (this happens when you match against the $105 deposit)

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