User Permission Levels in Amazon for Accountants and Bookkeepers

What user permission levels should accountants and bookkeepers request from their Amazon clients?

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Note: When connecting A2X to Amazon, only the owner of the Amazon Seller account can authorize this connection. Follow the steps in this article to complete the connection.

If you have a new Amazon seller client, you might not be aware of the permission levels to request as their accountant or bookkeeper. Amazon allows sellers to invite users to their Amazon Seller Central account, and as their bookkeeper or accountant, your client should add you as a user with permission levels allowing you to have access to their sales reports and tax document library. 

Your clients will need to follow a two-step process required in Amazon Seller Central to complete the user invitation and set-up. For detailed information, see Amazon's article HERE

  1. First, your client invites you as a user by going to Amazon Seller Central. Settings > User Permission. 

  2. Once you accept the user invitation, there is a second step your client needs to complete: set your user permission levels in Amazon.

(Step 1)

(Step 2)

There are several user permissions your client can give to users. Below are the three reports we suggest asking clients to enable so you can manage your client's Amazon accounting. 

(Granting Permission Levels)
Reports Category: Payments, PSeller Fee Tax Invoices, and the Tax Document Library

Reports > Payments will allow you to access their settlement files if needed. If any of Amazon's settlement reports are archived, you will be able to un-archive the reports on behalf of your customer. 

Reports > Seller Fee Tax Invoices, and Reports > Tax Document Library will give you access to important tax documents needed for sales and VAT tax reporting purposes.


Next steps:

If you haven't created an A2X login yet, start by reading this article: Accounting Firms - Getting Started

Only the owner of the Amazon seller account can connect the Amazon account to A2X - the required permissions cannot be granted to any other 3rd party. There are two ways to connect A2X to Amazon, and you can read more about your options HERE.

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