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Raising cases with Amazon Seller Support
Raising cases with Amazon Seller Support

Tips for getting your issue resolved quickly using Amazon Seller support

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In this article we will provide you with some tips and hints that proved to be really important in terms of getting your Seller Support cases resolved more quickly.

1/ Raise your case within appropriate category
Raising your case within appropriate category can significantly speed up the resolution process, otherwise your case might get bounced from support team to support team. 

This is also to ensure that the person whom you will be talking to is the right person with the right knowledge on the issue you are having.

Cases with Amazon are raised via Help > Get Support:

For instance, the settlement inconsistency issue should be raised in Selling on Amazon > Your Account > Disbursements and Payments category:

Or in Selling on Amazon > Your Account > Other account issues category:

To contact the seller support by email, simply fill in the form, include any attachments and click send. If you’d like to speak with an Amazon representative, you will be required to fill in your phone number, and an Amazon representative will get in touch with you.

2/ Address one issue at the time
When contacting Seller Support, we recommend you to address each issue individually if you are experiencing more than one problem at the same time. Addressing several issues at the same time may result in a longer wait to get anything fixed, because your case would get bounced around from department to department.

So, if you do have more issues to raise, we warmly suggest to raise them individually, each in its appropriate category.

3/ Be clear and concise, provide as much information/context
Provide the basic information about the specific issue you are having problems with, and include any other details you can such as screen shots, attachments, etc., as they could be very helpful to the representative who assists you.

For example, in case of settlement inconsistency, attach the raw settlement file in which you clearly show Amazon the occurence and cause of inconsistency.

4/ Be (politely) persistent
If you don't receive satisfactory response or support from one agent, we warmly suggest you to raise that case again, and maybe again, because there are different agents with different level of experience and knowledge, and it really depends who will answer your case.

It happened countless times that the first agent answered saying they cannot do anything regarding the issue, but then after raising it again, the issue was quickly resolved, or at least acknowledged by another agent.

5/ Frequently check the status of important cases
When a case is answered by the Seller Support, you only have up to 5 days to respond back or the case will be closed, so it is good to keep them monitored. If the case gets closed because of no response from your side, you will need to raise a completely new one.

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