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How to create my Amazon Chart of Accounts file for A2X's manual connection
How to create my Amazon Chart of Accounts file for A2X's manual connection

Tips and specific requirements for creating the Chart of Accounts file

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Building on the previous guide that shows you how to set up A2X for use with manual connections, in this article we will show you the step by step to create your chart of accounts .csv file.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Download the Chart of Accounts sample file from A2X

Go to A2X > Settings > Connections and click on the orange link 'Download sample file (CSV)' in the Chart of Accounts block:

Step 2: Edit Your Chart of Accounts file and upload it into A2X

This is an example of .csv file:

Note: The following list of accounts are required for A2X's Accounts and Tax mapping:

  • Amazon Revenue (Income)

  • Amazon Fees (Expense)

  • Amazon Settlement Bank (Bank)

  • Amazon Carry Forward Balance (Asset)

  • Amazon Credit Card (CC)

  • Amazon Inventory (Asset)

  • Amazon Cost of Goods (COGS)

  • Amazon Reserved Balance (Asset)

  • Sales Tax Liability (Liability)

  • Amazon Lending (Liability)

To upload your chart of accounts file, go back to A2X Settings > Connections
Choose your file, and click on the orange 'Upload Accounts' button.

You can repeat the same process, if you need to upload the Tax Rates.

When you are done, you're ready to move to the next step and map your accounts!

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