If you provide cost data to A2X, you can calculate your cost of goods sold, and you FBA inventory valuation for every settlement and month-end. This can give you much more accurate gross margins, and inventory valuation data and a clearer picture of your businesses health.

To input and edit your costs in A2X click the top Costs menu:

The Manage Costs screen has 3 tabs as shown below:

On the Manage costs tab A2X may have already found a number of SKUs from your account, you can initiate a refresh by clicking 'Refresh SKUs'. This will search recent settlements, and recent inventory (if you have FBA inventory) to find.

If you are missing any SKUs or SKU information you can load an FBA inventory report for the month (see FBA Inventory for more information).

Once you have your SKUs you can input or edit the costs and save the cost data, be sure to select a currency.

On the cost history tab, you can review, download and edit older cost uploads. Lastly on the Advanced Costs tab you can manage your costs via CSV file download and upload. This is the required method for accounts with more than 10,000 products/SKUs in their Amazon catalog.

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