Managing costs in A2X is quick and easy!  

Firstly, here are some points to note / hints to help:

  • Cost upload files must be in CSV format
  • The SKU must exactly match the Amazon SKU
  • Cost prices can be uploaded as often as you like
  • A2X will always use the current cost prices on file to calculate COGS 
  • When updating cost prices always Refresh the settlements in your A2X account after the upload is complete.

The first step is to download the cost template as shown below. You may need to click Refresh SKU's first on the manage costs tab to ensure the template captures all skus in your account:

If you don't want to download the template above you can create your own cost template file. All it needs to include is a a column for the SKU's and a column for the Cost Prices.
The title 'SKU' will be entered in cell A1 and the title 'Cost Price' will be entered in cell B1. You will then list all of your SKU's in column A from cell A2 on and you will list your cost prices in column B from cell B2.

Remember to save the file as a CSV file type!

So an example of your cost price template could look like this:

Missing Costs:
A2X will check your cost upload file against your settlement data. If it sees that there are missing cost prices you will see on the settlement summary page that the COSTS box is red as shown below:

If you click 'Review' beside the settlement you will see A2X has also provided you with a warning message as shown below:

You can select the 'this template of current and missing SKUs' link to download the csv template. All you will need to do is enter the cost prices beside the SKUs that don't have a cost price. Once all SKUs have a cost price you can save the file as CSV file type and upload it to A2X.

Once the upload is complete you will be able to see how many SKUs you have costs for on the Cost History tab as shown below:

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