Scenario example:
You have recently signed up to A2X and you have sent up to three settlements/payouts over to your accounting system from the trial version. Then, you have subscribed to A2X and have decided you would like to change the Invoice grouping settings in A2X.

You originally sent the test/trial settlements over to your accounting system with just the ‘Group All sales’ setting enabled, but now you would like to also ‘Group sales by country’ too.


Remove/delete the three test/trial settlement/payout entries from your accounting system

Learn how to remove Xero A2X entries HERE
Learn how to remove QuickBooks Online A2X entries HERE

Learn how to remove Sage A2X entries HERE


Go to A2X Settings > Invoice Settings > Select the check box to 'Group sales by country'


If you DON’T need to update mapping you can go straight to the A2X Settlements/Payouts page, REFRESH ALL settlements/payouts and move onto STEP 5

Learn how to complete a bulk refresh HERE


If you DO need to update mapping, then go to the Accounts and Taxes page and when you finish with updating, repeat STEP 3

Learn more about account mapping HERE


Ensure all settlements/payouts have been refreshed to reflect the new grouping and then you are ready to send them over to your accounting system! 

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