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How to remove A2X entries in Sage
How to remove A2X entries in Sage

A guide to voiding A2X invoices from Sage

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The article explains the process of voiding A2X entries from Sage.

There are different reasons why you may want to do this. For example, if you were originally grouping your settlements by SKU, but have since changed that setting to 'Group All Sales', then you may want to re-send these settlements to Sage.

Before re-sending settlements, you would need to void the original entries in Sage, so you don't end up with duplicate A2X entries.

This guide will use the following settlement as an example:

The above settlement has already been sent to Sage. We have since decided to change the 'Group Sales by SKU' setting to the 'Group All Sales' setting in A2X, so we need to remove the original journal entry from Sage.

In Sage you will need to:

  • go to the β€˜Sales Invoice’ tab where the settlement has been posted

  • tick the box next to the draft Sales invoice you are wanting to void as shown in the screenshot below

  • select the trash bin option as shown with the arrow

Once you have clicked the trash bin icon a prompt will appear:

You can go ahead and enter a reason to void the invoice then click β€˜yes’ and this will void the sales invoice you have selected.

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