When A2X pulls information from Amazon, you will see a Settlement containing a consolidation of sales and fees for a given settlement period, as in the screenshot below. You won't see individual orders in these consolidation summaries.

Here is a screenshot of a Settlement:

The intention of sending this format to your accounting system is to give you the basic transactional information you need for the settlement period.  It is easy to find, read, and understand in your accounting records.  (It purposefully keeps the management of individual orders inside Amazon Sellers). 

About the Amazon Deposit to your bank account

Amazon Deposits usually arrive a few days after the close of the Settlement. A2X makes it easier to account for and reconcile the imported Settlement to the deposit.

Amazon Summaries
are only available in Amazon Seller Central. They look a little like A2X settlements in that they are consolidations. However, they don't report on a number of transactions in a true accounting approach and so leave a margin for error.

A2X Settlement Entries are an accurate interpretation of settlement transactions and allow for a true accounting approach to settlements, making it much easier to map to accounts and generate accurate financial reports.

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