How to use an A2X coupon code

Where to put an A2X coupon code when subscribing

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Important update: The A2X pricing you see here is valid up until April 27th, 2024. Starting from April 27th, 2024, all A2X pricing plans are changing. To get a breakdown of these changes please read this support article.

You may have an A2X coupon code from promotions or marketing. Nice!
In this article we'll show you how to use that code.  

1/ Begin by selecting a plan on the pricing page that best fits your needs.

2/ If you are paying with credit card, enter your coupon code in the provided field after clicking on the 'Get Started' button.

3/ If you are paying with PayPal, enter your coupon code in the provided field and click on 'Continue to PayPal'

4/ Then follow the steps and finalise your subscription

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