Only the owner of the Amazon seller account can connect the Amazon account to A2X - the required permissions cannot be granted to any other 3rd party.

This makes it more complex if a 3rd party is setting up an A2X account on behalf of their client, for example an accountant or bookkeeper.

There's two ways you can get Amazon connected:

  1. Invite the seller to connect directly to Amazon (no A2X login required)
  2. Invite the seller as a user in A2X, and have them login and complete the connection to Amazon step for you.

In this article we'll describe both options with screenshots.

Option 1: Invite Seller to connect

In this option you can input the seller email address and select which market you need to connect to on the 'Connect to Amazon' page:

On this page you will see a form under the heading: Not the owner of the Amazon Seller account?

Input your client email address, select the market and click the 'send instructions by email' button.

You and your client will receive an email like this:

The Amazon seller will click the link in the email to continue and connect.

The seller will click through to Amazon, login, connect and then return to A2X.

You will receive and email confirming they have completed the connection and the A2X account will be ready to start using.

Option 2: Invite as a user in the A2X account

A2X supports multiple users in each account, as the account admin you can invite the client into the A2X account. They'll be able to see and review the account, and can then initiate the connection directly as a normal A2X user.

First invite them to the account:

Then once they accept the invite, and login with their google account they will connect to Amazon:

Select their marketplace and connect as normal. For more information see the full connect to Amazon article.

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