Currently A2X supports all Amazon marketplaces globally and can import all sales, fees, refunds, chargebacks and any other financial transactions and send these to your accounting system.  

A2X connects directly to Amazon Seller Central but not to Amazon Payments or Amazon Vendor Central.

We do not yet support other ecommerce channels such as Shopify, Magento or eBay. We continue to investigate these channels and as soon as we are able to deliver a world-class, accurate solution we will add it.

If you would like to be part of any trial or beta program for these channels, please email us and we'll include you on the list!

If you use Amazon FBA to ship your orders for other sales channels, you can track these shipments using the A2X COGS feature, you can find out more about that in this article on tracking non Amazon FBA fees and cost of goods sold

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