In this article we explain the importance of the Amazon settlement report, the different formats and how A2X uses them.

What is the settlement report?

A2X imports your Amazon settlement information and relies on the Flat File Settlement report in order to get accurate transaction data from Amazon.

Amazon has two different formats for this file, the older V1 format and the newer V2 format. In 2015 Amazon switched to the new format, but Amazon has been inconsistent with upgrading seller accounts. As a result some Amazon sellers have the new V2 format, some have both V1 and V2, and some only have V1.

The V2 format is better, it contains more detailed descriptions of some transactions, so it is our preferred and recommended report. However is is possible to convert the older reports to the newer format in most cases and get data that is still highly reliable and accurate for accounting.

Which settlement report format does A2X use?

A2X will try to use the V2 format by default, but will fall back to using the V1 format if V2 is not available (except in India and Japan). If your A2X account is using the V2 format, you won't see any notices - everything is working as normal.

If A2X cannot detect any V2 settlements and uses V1 settlements, you will see a warning notice in A2X, that will advise you to request an upgrade with Amazon, so that you can switch to the new V2 format in the future. 

The notice will look like this and appear above your list of settlements in A2X:

Also any settlements that are of the V1 format will be tagged as such in A2X, you will see a red status indicator like this:

These V1 settlements can still be imported and sent to your accounting system, as normal, but our recommendation is that you request Amazon upgrade your seller account to use the new improved V2 format.  You can read about how to do that in the section below.

Switching to the new V2 flat file format

If your account is in V1 format, A2X recommends you ask Amazon to upgrade your Amazon seller account, then A2X can switch to using the new format. To do this there are three steps:

  1. Send a seller support email to Amazon that specifically requests: "Please enable the new V2 flat file format settlement reports for my seller account". You may need to raise the case several times, or escalate the case to ensure a suitably qualified support rep from Amazon responds and actions the change.
  2. Verify the change has been made by checking in Seller Central under Reports > Payments > All Statements (tab). You should see the most recent settlement(s) showing a button 'Download V2 flat file'. If you do not see that, then your account is not yet in V2 format mode.
  3. Once you have verified your account is in the V2 format, you can then request A2X support to upgrade your account, please send us an email and the support team will action this for you.

Once you have upgraded, all new settlements imported to A2X will use the new V2 format.

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