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How to transfer your billing from one user to another
How to transfer your billing from one user to another
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Ensuring a smooth shift of billing responsibilities on your A2X account is a straightforward process. Whether you want to switch the billing to another user or take on the billing responsibility, follow these steps for a trouble-free experience.

This article will guide you on how to "Transferring Billing to another User".

Transferring Billing to another User

Step 1: Cancel Subscription

Initiate the process by cancelling the account's subscription. Head to your profile in the top right corner and navigate to the subscriptions section.

Click "edit plan"

You will be redirected to the plan selection page, where you can choose the "cancel subscription" option.

Note: If the "Edit Plan" button takes you to a different page than the one above please follow the instructions below:

Once you are redirected to the 'Billing' page you should see a "cancel subscription' button. Once selected you will follow the cancellation process and the account will revert to trial mode.

Step 2: Invite the User to the A2X account

Next, invite the user to the account. Go to Settings > Users and send an invitation. Once they have accepted the invitation, they will be an account user in A2X. (If the potential new billing admin is already an existing A2X user you can skip this step)

Step 3: User Re-Subscribes

Upon receiving the invitation, the new user logs in and re-subscribes using their payment details, or if they are already an existing user they can navigate to their billing section under their profile and update the payment details to re-subscribe the account. This ensures a seamless continuation of account usage without any interruptions.

If you or the new user need some help with re-subscribing click HERE. This article includes full instructions, including how to link accounts to multi-channel plans.

Please note: If the current billing admin user wants to switch billing to you, you can send this article to them so they can follow the steps outlined above. These steps are designed to make the process as easy as possible for you and the other user. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out!

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