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A2X admin page

Simplified Steps, Reduced Clicks, and Clearer Instructions for Improved User Experience

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The A2X Admin page makes getting set up on A2X even simpler and should save you some time too. This article highlights some of the key points so you can get familiar with the admin page.

Simplified steps one to four

A2X has simplified the four-step process of connecting, mapping, and posting, making it more straightforward and easier to follow. The new design eliminates extra steps and adds guided instructions, making the process more intuitive.



Fewer clicks and redirects to other pages

Users no longer have to navigate through multiple pages to select connection options. The new design shows the two connection options as the default, reducing page loading time and eliminating redirection errors.



New pending status indicator

The redesigned Admin page now features a pending status indicator, making it easier for accounting and bookkeeping firms to track their account setup progress. The expiration date provides additional information on the pending request.

All steps displayed

The previous design only displayed the first two steps, with the remaining steps hidden until users completed them. The new design now displays all four steps upfront, helping users better understand the entire process.



Post and reconcile

A2X has made it clearer that payouts need to be reconciled in the accounting system once posted. The improved messaging ensures users know what they need to do next to complete the process efficiently.



Collapsed component with status indicators

Once users have posted their first entry, the top component of the page will collapse, giving more room to view settlement data and graphs. The improved status indicators help users identify any issues with their connections, account, and tax mapping, or with their payouts.

Settlements table to match between the home page and the payouts/settlements page

In the past, there were slightly different table views on the admin page and the settlement page. In the new design, both tables will display the same information.

Admin page:

Payouts page:

Overall, the A2X Admin page offers a more user-friendly onboarding experience. The streamlined design and intuitive features make it easier and faster to connect, map, and post payouts accurately. With the improved status indicators and clear messaging, users can identify and resolve any issues promptly, ensuring a more efficient and accurate process.

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