In early February 2023, Amazon made changes to their API that impacted A2X’s ability to retrieve VAT report data from Amazon. Impacted settlements displayed an ‘On Hold’ flag within A2X

This issue has now been resolved. To update impacted settlements, you will need to disconnect and reconnect your Amazon account.

To do this, click ‘settings’ > ‘connections’.

Scroll down to the Amazon connection, and click disconnect.

Once it has been disconnected, the page will refresh, and you will be able to connect Amazon again.

From there, the VAT report should automatically re-fetch and January on-hold settlements should be updated and ready.

If your statements are still ‘On hold,’ then ​​please reach out to us directly via chat or

There is a known exclusion for users who have the ‘Group by product type’ setting enabled. We will reach out to these customers directly once this issue is also resolved.

Thank you for your patience while we resolved this matter. We appreciate your understanding and continued support.

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