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How to create your listing for the A2X Directory
How to create your listing for the A2X Directory

Create your A2X Partner listing

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You can list your practice on the A2X Directory once you have 5 A2X Clients, you’re A2X certified, and you have an ecommerce landing page on your website.

The directory is the number one spot ecommerce businesses go to find an accountant or bookkeeper who understands ecommerce. Once you’ve created your listing, you’ll be able to:

  • Build out a robust profile with the ability to edit this at any time.

  • Receive/manage leads directly from the directory.

  • Drive reviews from your customers

  • Add links to your resources/courses.

To get the most out of the directory, follow the below steps and start receiving leads for your practice.

Create your Listing

Visit our Get Listed page and follow the prompts to create your firm's PartnerPage listing:

IMPORTANT: Use an email address you often check, as this is how you’ll be notified when you have a new lead for your practice.

Set up your listing.

Once you have created your account, you will see your practice. Click on your practice name.

Please fill in all required fields as they inform the 'Filter options' search functionality. 'Filter options’ are how ecommerce businesses filter for your services, so please answer from the point of view of a potential client. For example, ‘Annual Revenue’ is the Annual Revenue of the ecommerce businesses you'll accept, not the revenue of your accounting or bookkeeping practice.

Don't forget to click save.

Publishing your listing

Once you have completed your listing, a member of the A2X team will assign your partner badge and tier. Your profile will then be changed from hidden to public.

Ecommerce businesses will now be able to view your listing and request contact information.

If you would like to learn how to get the most out of your listing, check out this support article.

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