When connecting your BigCommerce Account to A2X, you will need a Store Hash and Access Token, which BigCommerce will generate for you. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to connect A2X to your BigCommerce Account.

Please note this needs to be done by the store owner.

1. In a separate tab, log into your BigCommerce Account here.

2. Navigate to your settings

3. At the bottom of your settings page you will find an option for API accounts

Note: if you can't see this section it is likely that you are not the store owner.

4. In the top right corner, select the option to create an API account

5. Set the scopes for the API connection as below

Name: A2X

Information & Settings: Read-only

Orders: Read-only

Order Transactions: Read-only

Get payment methods: Read-only

Don't forget to save!

6. As soon as you save these settings a box will pop up and a txt file will save, the txt file will have the credentials you require.

7. Enter the details you found into A2X as below and select 'Connect to BigCommerce'

From there, your BigCommerce account should be connected to A2X. You can now continue with setting up your accounting connection. For more information on BigCommerce's special permissions, visit this page on the BigCommerce website.

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