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What is 'free trial' mode?
What is 'free trial' mode?

An overview of your A2X free trial account

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When you first arrive at the A2X admin page, your account will be in trial mode by default. Trial mode will be evident by the banner at the top of the page that says 'You're in trial mode'.

Within the free trial, the data you will be able to view and post to your accounting system will be limited. When you connect to your ecommerce platform, A2X will fetch the last 5-10 payouts. The payouts will be visible on the main admin and settlements pages (found on the main navigation). You will be able to review just the last three payouts. You will also only be able to post three of these as entries to your accounting system.

While in trial mode, A2X will not fetch any new data into your account. Even if you receive a payout in your bank account, this data won't be available in your trial account. As soon as you subscribe, A2X will update all data, and new payouts will appear in A2X automatically as they are available from the ecommerce channel.

You won't have to re-do the setup when your account switches from a trial account to a subscribed account.

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