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Unknown or Pending Country transactions in A2X, what does it mean and how do I map these transactions?
Unknown or Pending Country transactions in A2X, what does it mean and how do I map these transactions?

v2. For users experiencing the unknown or pending country transactions descriptions in the A2X invoice or mapping page

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The "Pending Country" description is an indicator that A2X is still updating your transactions from the e-commerce channels. The country-level information is still "unknown" and will be updated to a specific country once the data has been fully updated in our system.

There are two places in A2X where you might see a transaction that include "pending country" in the transaction descriptions:

1. Pending Country in Invoice descriptions

When you review your settlement in A2X and view your transaction details the unknown country transactions may appear.

An example of settlements list with a "hold" button:

An example of reviewing a settlement that is "on hold". Please note the red message at the top of the page explaining the reason for the hold.

2. Unknown/Pending Country in Mapping Page Transaction Details

The hold button will be released when the transactions have been updated and the country-level data is available. The mapping page will update to reflect the country level transaction.

Once the information is updated, you will be able to map your corresponding accounts and tax rates. It may take up to 24 hours for the information to update and the time varies based on the data available from the e-commerce channel integration.

An example of a settlement after the data has been updated

You may notice that your Accounts and Taxes mapping page still includes "Pending" country. This transaction exists so you have the option to choose an account or tax rate in the future. You can also leave the accounts and tax mapping blank and only apply the mapping for transactions that have a specified country.

You can exclude these pending or unknown country transactions when you are new to A2X.

Complete your mapping based on the updated information available:

If you prefer to map these pending country transactions in A2X, the recommended option is to map your accounts and tax rates assuming the shipped-to country is your registered country. This "safe mapping" method will prevent you from accidentally excluding tax/VAT transactions in your financial reports.

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