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Auto-Approve your Sales and COGS invoices in your Xero accounting system

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A2X offers the feature of ‘Auto-approving’ to your Xero accounting system. You can ‘Auto-approve’ your settlements/payouts and also the Cost of goods sold (COGS) for each settlement/payout. By default, A2X will not post to your accounting system unless you activate it.

How does Auto-approving work for settlements/payouts?

Once you are happy with your account and tax configuration, you can enable auto-approve. Auto-approve will work from the day the function is enabled - so any settlements/payouts fetched prior to the day will need to be resent if you’d like these to be auto-approved.

To enable this feature go to 'Settings' > 'Auto-Posting' and click the tick box of the Auto-approve invoice setting:

Settlements/payouts will now be sent across to Xero as approved and will no longer be found within the ‘Draft’ section.

Please note that approved invoices sent across to Xero will not be able to be deleted but rather voided if you would like to remove the entries for a specific reason.

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