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V2. How does A2X create the default accounts for Amazon accounting and what type of accounts are they?

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A2X fetches your settlement data from Amazon and categorizes the transactions into the higher-level transaction types on the left-most column, such as Adjustments or Advertising.

A2X can create suggested accounts in your Chart of Accounts

When you first go to set up your Accounts and Taxes mapping, you will see that A2X can create a number of generic default accounts for you to map transactions to.

Click 'Confirm' to allow A2X to create the following list of accounts in your accounting system

Next, bulk update your tax settings in A2X

Step 1: Enable Bulk Actions

Step 2: Choose tax Exempt or No Tax.

(For UK, EU, AU, NZ, or SG sellers follow the instructions HERE for VAT and GST mapping)

The default accounts created by A2X will assign your transactions into the account types, that will generate a reasonable set of financial reports without needing to spend a lot of time on the account mapping process.

Click 'Save'

Account Types for generic accounts created by A2X

The names of the account types created in Xero and in QuickBooks are slightly different but, in accounting terms, they are the same.

The table below shows the basic account types for each accounting solution so you can find them in your reports:

Expenses and Sales or Revenue or Income accounts will be on your Income Statements (Profit and Loss). Current assets and Current liabilities will be on your Balance Sheets.

By saving the mappings, the chosen accounts will be created in Xero or QuickBooks Online and also mapped to your settlement transactions after you refresh them. With this setup task complete, you are ready to send your first invoice/journal!

Custom/Manual Mapping

Because A2X is connected to your accounting software, it is importing your complete chart of accounts. If A2X detects an account that already matches the default, then it will be pre-selected.

Instead of our generic default accounts, you can select your own account for any transaction type. Just click on the down arrow to open the dropdown, and then scroll to find and select the account from your Chart of Accounts list.

Please Note: A2X uses account codes that indicate the accounts were created by A2X such as: "a2xetship" and "a2xettax". This will differentiate them from the default codes used in the accounting systems, which are often numeric sequences such as 4000, 4100, etc.

Well done, you've mapped your Account Types in A2X!

Pro tip:

Add tracking codes or classes by Amazon marketplace in your invoice settings

To generate custom reports by marketplace like this example below:

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