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Shopify and VAT OSS/IOSS

How will Shopify handle the new EU e-commerce VAT package?

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Shopify has published the following information about changes to how they will handle VAT transactions after July 1st, 2021.

Micro-Business Exemption

This applies to businesses established in one EU country with sales no great than €10,000 in each of the last two years.

One Stop Shop (OSS)

Sellers can opt to file a single VAT return known as OSS filing that will work for sales to multiple EU countries. This method does not require an individual tax registration in each EU country.

Merchants can use OSS to file and remit VAT for any EU country that they ship to, as long as it is not their home country or a domestic supply in a country where they have a physical location or hold stock. In this case, they would still need to continue to file a local return.

What does Shopify want sellers to do if they choose to use the OSS?

  1. Charge VAT on all sales to the EU

  2. Apply the VAT rate of the member state where the goods are being dispatched to or where the services are taxable

  3. Keep records of all eligible OSS sales receipts

  4. Update your tax settings in Shopify with the OSS VAT registration number

Is Shopify a marketplace or a facilitator?

Shopify insists that they are neither a marketplace nor a facilitator.

How can you make sure that shoppers visiting your online store see tax inclusive pricing based on their destination?

To read more about Shopify's take on VAT OSS/IOSS please visit the following link:

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