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Shopify Installments payouts and A2X
Shopify Installments payouts and A2X

How to reconcile Shopify Installments payouts

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Shopify stores can use Shopify Installments (or, Shop Pay Installments) to let their customers buy-now and pay-later.

This is a popular payment method on Shopify stores and A2X fully supports it.

To reconcile these payouts prior to May 2021 the payouts gateway clearing GL account would be cleared with the deposits from Affirm.

After May 2021 these payments in many Shopify stores are coming directly from Shopify Payments. These payouts will appear in the Shopify Payments payout list in the Shopify store admin area.

Inconsistent Shopify Payments payouts

When the switch from Affirm to Shopify Payments happened early May 2021, a number of A2X accounts were affected by an issue where orders were double counted - once in the Shopify Payments payout and again in the shopify_installments payout.

This caused inconsistencies in these payouts.

Identifying problem payouts

Not all stores using Shopify Installments are affected by this issue but we have detected that your account is affected. The issue is that the orders paid for with Shopify installments will show up in the correct shopify_installments gateway payout like this:

But they will also show up in an inconsistent Shopify Payments payout that looks like this:

If you review the inconsistent payout you will know it is affected by this issue if it contains a row such as this for shopify_installments:

How to fix the issue

When you find an affected payout please delete it from A2X and if it has been posted to your accounting system, then remove it from your accounting system to avoid the transactions being double counted.

If we can help in any way please reach out to our expert support team, we’re standing by to help.

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