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Using A2X for Etsy with QuickBooks Online
Using A2X for Etsy with QuickBooks Online

How to configure and send Etsy deposits to QuickBooks Online

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This article covers how to post Etsy deposits to QuickBooks Online using A2X for Etsy.

Etsy Deposits:

For this example, we will look at the Etsy deposit shown below:

This deposit corresponds to the following bank deposit in QuickBooks, awaiting reconciliation:

The payout contains the following transactions:

When we send it to QuickBooks Online, it will appear as a general Journal Entry:

The transactions in the journal in QuickBooks will have the account and tax rate mappings that we have previously setup in A2X, as shown above. The next step is to move onto the reconciliation of the journal to the deposit.

In the Banking section of QuickBooks Online, we will see QuickBooks has automatically picked up the journal as the matching transaction. All we need to do is click ‘Match’ to reconcile the journal entry to the deposit:

The accounting for this Etsy deposit is now complete and it will appear in our financial statements like this:

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