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Using A2X for Etsy with Xero
Using A2X for Etsy with Xero

How to configure and send Etsy deposits to Xero.

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In this article we will cover how to post Etsy deposits to Xero using A2X for Etsy.

Etsy Deposits

Let's look at the Etsy Deposit shown below:

This deposit corresponds to the below bank deposit in Xero, awaiting reconciliation:

The deposit contains the following transactions:

When we send it over to Xero, it will appear as a draft invoice:

The transactions on the invoice in Xero will have the account and tax rate mappings you've previously set up in A2X, and you will need to approve this invoice, so that it changes from 'Draft' to 'Awaiting payment'.

Once the invoice is approved, you will be able to reconcile it against the payment in Xero's bank feed as shown below - click "OK" to match the bank deposit to the invoice from A2X:

After it has been matched, the invoice will be marked as paid.

The accounting will appear in your financial statements as shown below:

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