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Creating default accounts for your A2X for Etsy account mapping
Creating default accounts for your A2X for Etsy account mapping

V1. How A2X creates the default accounts for Etsy accounting and what type of accounts are they?

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A2X fetches your deposit data from Etsy and categorises the transactions into the higher level transaction types on the left-most column, such as Adjustments, Advertising, Fees, etc.

When you first go to set up your Accounts and Taxes mapping, you will see that A2X can create a number of generic default accounts for you to map transactions to.

For example, you'll see "Create account Etsy Adjustments" in the first row.

When you select this option, A2X will automatically connect to your accounting system and create an expense account called ‘Etsy Adjustments'. Then, it will map all applicable fees from settlements into that expense account in your general ledger.

Alternative to A2X - generated Accounts

Because A2X is connected to your accounting software, it is importing your complete chart of accounts. If A2X detects an account that already matches the default, then it will be pre-selected. As an example, in the situation below, there is already an account called "Sales", so A2X will not offer to create another one.

Instead of our generic default accounts, you can also select your own account for any transaction type. Just click on the "x" and then down arrow to open the dropdown, and then scroll to find and select the account from your Chart of Accounts list.

Please note that by clicking on the orange '+' on the right hand side you can see a more granular view of what makes up the Transaction Type.

A2X uses account codes that indicate the accounts were created by A2X such as: "a2xship" and "a2xres". This will differentiate them from the default codes used in the accounting systems, which are often numeric sequences such as 400, 401 etc.

The generic accounts created by A2X will assign your transactions into the account types that will generate a reasonable set of financial reports without needing to spend a lot of time on the account mapping process.

By clicking on 'Save Mappings', the chosen accounts will be created in Xero, QuickBooks Online or Sage and also mapped to your deposit transactions after you refresh them. With this setup task complete, you are ready to send your first deposit!

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