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An Overview

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When Amazon/Shopify/eBay or Etsy creates a new settlement/payout file, A2X automatically fetches it, crunches the data and generates a summary of the income and expenses charged or received from your sales channel.

You can configure A2X to summarize sales by SKU, Product Type, or to group all Sales together. You can also optionally group sales by country

A2X then generates either a sales invoice or a purchase invoice from each settlement and posts them to Sage, either manually or automatically. You can select the accounts and tax rates that apply to each type of income or expense either in A2X or in Sage.

Sage Sales invoices are created when the overall settlement total is positive and Sage Purchase invoices are created when the overall settlement total is negative.

When the payment appears in your bank account within Sage, you can easily reconcile the invoices to their corresponding payments.

Currency Support

The A2X and Sage connection can support the following reconciliations:

Sales Invoice Currency

Bank Deposit Currency

Method in Sage






Clearing Account for reconciliation



Clearing Account for reconciliation

In regard to non-GBP reconciliation, the main difference is that the final invoice won't match directly to the payment in the bank, instead it will be paid manually using the 'record a payment' option in Sage, and have the payment apply to a clearing account where it can be reconciled. This article shows how to do this HERE

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