Accounting for eBay VAT

How to use A2X to account for VAT on eBay sales

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Disclaimer: you should get tax advice from your accountant or tax adviser, these instructions are for technical configuration of A2X.

eBay does not have any specific VAT transaction line items in your payouts because eBay does not track VAT on seller sales. eBay sellers manage their own VAT and can use A2X to account for it properly using the techniques in this article.

There are 2 techniques that are useful for eBay sellers in A2X for handling VAT.

  1. Enable Registered Country settings in A2X - this allows sellers to view and map the Ebay transactions based on the shipped-to country and apply tax rates to corresponding countries. For example a UK seller may apply a 20% rate for sales to GB, and a different tax rate for sales to other EU countries or to countries outside the EU. Learn more about this feature HERE

  2. Grouping by Product Type - this allows sellers to group sales of products that have different tax rates together. For example a UK based seller may have VAT on some items they sell, and no VAT on other items. Learn more about this feature HERE

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