When connecting your Walmart Account to A2X, you will need a Client ID and Client Secret, which Walmart can generate for you. Here is a step by step of how to connect A2X to your Walmart Account.

1. Login to Walmart Developers, HERE.

2. On the API Keys Management page you will see a section called Production Keys for Solution Providers (Delegated Access).

Click on the 'select a solution provider' drop down and find 'A2X Accounting'. Select 'A2X Accounting' and then click 'Add Provider':

A2X Accounting will be added to your list of Solution Providers.

3. Click 'permissions' and make sure 'View Only' access is selected under Admin Reports:

4. Once this access has been granted, you can then copy your client ID and Client Secret as shown here:

Note: The permission might take a few minutes to register within Walmart, because of this, we recommend that you wait up to twenty minutes after generating the code before inputting it in A2X.

5. Copy these details and use them to connect A2X to your Walmart Account within the A2X dashboard:

6. Click 'Connect Walmart'.

Once you've added your Client ID and Client Secret, and clicked connect, you will be taken back to the A2X admin dashboard, and your Walmart Account will successfully be connected.

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