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Managing A2X for Walmart with other A2X accounts
Managing A2X for Walmart with other A2X accounts

How to create a new Walmart account when managing existing accounts

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A2X for Walmart accounts are separate from A2X for Amazon and A2X for Shopify accounts, but you can create and switch between them in the same way under your existing A2X login.

Creating an account
You can create a new A2X for Walmart account by signing up on the main Walmart product page at

If you already have an A2X account (Amazon or Shopify) you'll be asked to confirm when creating a new account:

Once you have created your new account, it helps to give it a name in Settings > Accounts, so you can easily recognize it in the drop down list:

Subscriptions and Billing
As with any A2X account, you can trial an A2X for Walmart account with up to 3 payouts before subscribing to a plan. The A2X for Walmart plans are separate from the A2X for Amazon & A2X for Shopify plans and offer slightly different order volumes and features.

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