You have created an A2X for Walmart account and connected your accounting system. The next step is to connect your Walmart Seller Center account.

You have two options to connect A2X to your Walmart Seller account:

If you are owner of the Walmart Seller account, select the first option 'I have an authorization token' then click Connect. Follow the instructions to generate the authorization token, then input your Client ID and Client Secret and click Connect Walmart:

For more detailed instructions on how to find your Walmart Client ID & Client Secret, click HERE.

If you are not the owner of the Walmart Seller account, select the second option 'I need to request access':

Using option two you can send an email with instructions to the Walmart account owner to authorize the A2X to Walmart integration. Input the sellers name and email address and you will be able to preview the email that will be sent.

Your Walmart Marketplace will now be connected and you will then be taken back to the main A2X admin dashboard.

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