Does A2X calculate COGS?

Yes - A2X has a COGS feature that calculates the total cost of the products sold on the ecommerce platforms for each settlement period. We'll posts the transaction to the accounting system to record the changes in inventory asset value and the cost of goods sold.

To enable this feature, start by going to your Costs tab at the top of your A2X page. We will need a cost for each SKU to calculate the values. After adding your cost, confirm the two accounts for A2X to offset by going to Settings > Cost of Goods Sold.

To post the cost of goods sold entries to QBO or Xero, start by clicking on the "review" icon by your settlement files or payouts. One the review screen, scroll down to the COGS section to post the entry. Or use the bulk actions feature to send the entries in bulk.

If you have any questions reach out to the support team for more information.

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