There are two ways you can connect A2X to your client's Shopify store

  1. Connect A2X to Shopify using the Shopify store name

  2. Invite the seller as a user in A2X, and have them login and complete the connection to Shopify for you

In this article we will describe both of these options with screenshots.

Option 1: Connect using the Shopify store name

In this option you can simply connect A2X to your client's Shopify store when you. Click on 'Continue with Shopify' button from your A2X account home page.

Input your client's Shopify store name in the form below and click 'Connect':

You will be redirected to your Shopify store and asked to login and grant A2X permission to connect. You must grant this permission in order to use A2X for Shopify.

Once the connection is completed, you'll be redirected back to A2X and your first payouts will begin to import into A2X. The process usually takes 10-20 minutes and for larger Shopify stores, it can take several hours to complete.

Once imported you should see the payouts like shown below:

If you do not have user permission levels to connect A2X to Shopify, please refer to this article HERE for more information on Shopify Staff or Shopify Partner user permissions.

Option 2: Invite the Shopify Seller as a user in the A2X account

A2X supports multiple users in each account, and the account admin can invite the client into the A2X account. The client will be able to see and review the account, and can then initiate the connection directly, just like any A2X user.

First, invite your client to the account:

Then, once they accept the invite and login to A2X, they will be able to connect to the account to their Shopify store following the instructions above.

Next steps:

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