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Tracking categories for transaction types in Xero
Tracking categories for transaction types in Xero

Tracking per transaction type in A2X for Shopify and A2X for Amazon

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A2X allows two options for assigning tracking categories in your account.

Overall tracking can be applied at an overall invoice level, or in addition to this, you can also track by individual transaction type.

Please Note: Tracking by individual transaction type needs to be enabled in the backend of your account, so please contact our friendly support team if you need this advanced tracking functionality.

In the following example, the Demo Company we are using has an overall tracking category set for the overall Shopify Store accounting:

In this example, we would also like to be able to track the sales on a per-country basis, without having to add extra ledger accounts in our accounting system. So we have set up another tracking category in Xero with the options of NZ, AU, US, and CA, being the countries we are selling into.

In A2X, we want to maintain the overall tracking capability for the overall store. This will be maintained as per the invoice settings selections:

In the Accounts and Taxes page of A2X, we now have the option to assign a tracking category per transaction type category, or even per transaction line.

In our case, we want to see the sales separated by the regions we have set up in Xero tracking. By expanding the sales category we are able to assign the region tracking categories per country:

This means that when we now post data over to Xero, we will have our overall Shopify Store 1 tracking category maintained, and in addition to that, we now have the sales lines being separated by regions too:

When using transaction type tracking in A2X, we recommend disabling Auto-Mapping to ensure you are given the opportunity to map new transaction line types as they appear in new payouts:

If you would more information on how tracking categories work in A2X please contact our support team anytime.

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