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Accounting for Shopify VAT
Accounting for Shopify VAT

How to account for VAT in A2X for Shopify

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Disclaimer: you should get tax advice from your accountant or tax adviser, these instructions are for technical configuration of A2X.

For stores with VAT requirements where there is a single VAT registered country, A2X will use the VAT settings in Shopify and give you a breakdown of the relevant taxed transactions in A2X. Looking for information about Amazon VAT?

For advanced VAT requirements with multiple VAT registrations Shopify stores can enable VAT tracking in A2X by request (please contact A2X support if you have complex VAT requirements). When enabled VAT registrations can be specified and they will be used by A2X when grouping country transactions.

For example a store registered for VAT in both Germany and UK would input both countries:

When enabled the groupings will show as the specific registered country, other EU country or non-EU country. This way you can assign taxes as required. 

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