Managing the Importing of Settlements

This article outlines how many settlements A2X will load from Amazon when you first subscribe.

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How much settlement data will A2X load when I first sign up for A2X?

  1. If you are on a free trial, A2X will fetch the first 5-10 settlements it sees in the Amazon account. The first three of these will be classed as 'trial settlements' where you will be able to review, send, refresh or export them to test the A2X functionality.

  2. When you subscribe to a plan, you will then gain access to all the settlements A2X has fetched to date. Upon subscription, A2X will also look for more settlements in Seller Central and fetch these in automatically, if they are available. If you wish to see more settlement history you will need to request more history.  

Your current plan dictates how much settlement history A2X will load:

  • Mini Plan - 3 months

  • Starter Plan - 12 months

  • Standard Plan - 24 months

  • Standard 10k Plan and above - Maximum available

You can check your Amazon Seller Central account to see how much A2X will be able to fetch, but this fetching is ultimately defined by your plan. To check all of your settlements in Seller Central, go to Reports > Payments > All Statements.

If settlement files have been archived in Amazon, these files will need to be un-archived for A2X to pick them up.  See article: How to unarchive settlements.

Please Note: If any number of settlements have to be un-archived, then it is advised to request more history again to make sure A2X finds them and brings them in.

How does Auto-posting work? 

Auto-posting will work from the day the function is enabled - so any settlements fetched after that day will be auto-posted. Historical settlements have to be posted manually.  They can be posted selectively in bulk.  You can choose if you would like them to be sent to your accounting system or ignore them if they have already been sent prior to using A2X. 

How you do it will depend on how you want reports to look.  In some cases, it can be easier to back out all previous entries in your accounting system and go with A2X entries for the year.  There is no one way you should go about it, as it depends much on how you present your services and reports to their clients.

To learn more about the Auto-posting function click HERE

What happens if you have already made entries in your accounting system before signing up with A2X? 

A2X won't reload settlements that have already been fetched by A2X. If you have posted the trial settlement to your accounting system this will be marked as 'Sent' in A2X, so it will be easily identified. A2X does not auto-post to your accounting system without your full control.   

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