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How to add a bank account in QuickBooks Online
How to add a bank account in QuickBooks Online

Adding Bank Accounts - QuickBooks Online

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There are two methods to set up a new bank account in QuickBooks Online.

METHOD 1: Direct feed connection 

This is generally used for a bank account that you know has a bank feed available and is set up for bank feed access. 

Go to the Banking tab in QuickBooks Online and click the 'Link account' button

When the 'Direct Feed' page opens, simply type in the name of your bank and follow the prompts

METHOD 2: Manually add a bank account

This option is great if there is no bank feed available or if you want to connect the bank feed later.

Go to the Accounting tab in QuickBooks Online, and when the Chart of Accounts loads, click on 'New'

In the following window, you will enter the account particulars. 

'Account Type' - please select 'Bank'

'Detail Type' - we've selected 'Checking', since we are adding a Bank of America checking account to QuickBooks Online

'Name' - provide your custom name for this bank account. You can also add in a description in the description field. 

'Currency' - this is where you nominate the currency of the bank account. In our example, it is United States Dollar.

'Balance' - this is the opening balance section

In our example, the current date is the 10th of April 2019, however, the account we are adding isn't new and has been in use for a few years. We've only started using QuickBooks Online on the 1st of January 2018, so we need to enter the closing balance of the bank account to be on the 31st of December 2017 (this is also known as a conversion balance when changing accounting systems). 

Please note: If this is either a new bank account or an old bank account, and you plan on importing all past bank statement data into QuickBooks Online, you will not need to enter an opening balance in the Balance field.

The closing balance for this account as of the 31st of December 2017 was $31,323.58.

When you've finished entering the account particulars, click 'Save and Close'

The new bank account will now be displayed in your Chart of Accounts.

If you would like to connect a direct bank feed to the new account, click on the drop-down arrow beside 'View Register' and then select 'Connect Bank'.


After you've added the bank account to your QuickBooks Online, go back to A2X and map it to that account.

Go to A2X Settings > Connections > click on 'Refresh Cache'

Select the bank account from the drop-down list.

After this click on the 'Save Settings' button and your new bank account is now linked to A2X!

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