This quick reference guide is based on the assumption that the tracking categories are already set up in Xero - for further information on how to set them up click HERE


Log in to your A2X account
Go to Settings > Invoice Settings


In the Invoice settings page search for the Tracking Codes section  


Select the relevant tracking categories by clicking the arrow in the relevant section

Please Note:
If you have set up a single tracking category in Xero then you will track all marketplaces together
If you have set up a tracking category per marketplace in Xero then you will track each marketplace individually


Once you have assigned the relevant tracking categories click 'Update Invoice Settings' and then return to the settlements page of A2X


From the settlements page click 'Refresh' beside each settlement or by enabling bulk actions - learn more about bulk actions HERE

Once the settlements have refreshed they are ready to be sent to Xero with Tracking!

If you have any questions or need assistance with setting up the tracking categories/classes, feel free to email our support team at

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