How to start using A2X again

Getting started again if you left or cancelled and wish to restart your subscription

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Welcome back! ย 

Please feel free to reach out to us on chat, the Support team will happily help you get started with A2X!

There are two things to consider when coming back to A2X:

  1. If you cancelled your subscription, there is no need to start a new account - your account should still be in the system, but it will have been inactive. You'll simply log back in again and renew your subscription to start using A2X again. You may need to reset your Amazon and accounting connection to refresh those, and you may need to request history to pick up any data you missed while you were away.

  2. If you cancelled your subscription and closed your account then you will need to open a new account and connect to Amazon and your accounting system again.

It's great to have you back and we're looking forward to helping you with your Amazon accounting.

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