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COGS: How to manage advanced Cost Price uploads to calculate your Cost of Goods Sold
COGS: How to manage advanced Cost Price uploads to calculate your Cost of Goods Sold

Add Cost Prices / Edit Costs / Update Cost Prices / Missing Costs

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Managing costs in A2X is quick and easy!  We would like to share some points to note and hints to assist with the process:

  • Cost upload files must be in CSV format

  • The SKU must exactly match the SKU in Amazon/Shopify/Walmart/eBay

  • Cost prices can be uploaded as often as you like

  • A2X will always use the current cost prices on file to calculate COGS 

  • When updating cost prices always Refresh the settlements in your A2X account after the upload is complete.

Handy Hint: Review your SKUs on the Manage Costs tab and if some are missing, click Refresh SKU's to ensure all SKUs are captured in your account.

1/ Prepare the costs template file for upload

Using the A2X cost template file

Click the "Upload CSV File" button .

Then download the costs template as shown below, and add your SKUs and Costs to the template.

Using your own cost template file

You can also create your own cost template file for this upload. All it needs to include is a column for the SKU's and a column for the costs.

The title 'SKU' should be entered in cell A1 and the title 'cost' should be entered in cell B1. List all of your SKU's in column A (starting from cell A2), and then list your cost prices in column B (starting from cell B2).

Remember to save the file as a CSV file type!

Here is an example of how the cost price template should look like:

2/ Upload the costs template file to A2X

When you are ready to upload your costs file, go back to Costs > Advanced Costs tab, select the currency and the CSV file you've created in the previous step, and click on 'Upload Costs' button.

'Overwrite costs table' option
Let's assume that you have introduced 5 new SKUs that you want to add to your current costs in A2X. 

If the costs CSV file that you wish to upload only contains the unit prices for these 5 new SKUs that you want to add to the existing list of costs, you would leave this box un-checked and they will be added to the list.

If you wanted to overwrite everything altogether with your new costs CSV file, then you should check this box.

After the update is complete, you can go to Cost History tab to check the results of your upload:

Missing costs after the upload
A2X will check your cost upload file against your settlement data.
If it detects that there are missing cost prices, then you will see a an orange "not complete" status label on the Settlement page in A2X:

If you review the settlement with the orange label, you will see that A2X has also provided you with a warning message:

You can try the "Filter SKUs by cost" feature to identify if there are SKUs with missing cost in A2X. Then, enter the cost prices beside the SKUs that are missing them either in the Costs table, or in your csv file.

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