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How to remove A2X entries from QuickBooks Online
How to remove A2X entries from QuickBooks Online

A guide to deleting A2X journals from QuickBooks Online

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The article explains the process of removing A2X entries from QuickBooks Online. 

There are different reasons why you may want to do this. For example, if you originally enabled the 'Group by SKU' setting, but have since changed it to 'Group All Sales', and now you want to re-send the settlements to QuickBooks Online.

Please Note: In this case, you will need to delete the original entries that have already been sent from A2X to QuickBooks Online, so you don't end up with duplicate journal entries.

This guide will use the following settlement as an example:

The above settlement has already been sent to QuickBooks Online. We have since decided to change the 'Group Sales by SKU' setting to the 'Group All Sales' setting in A2X, so we need to remove the original journal entry from QuickBooks.

Please Note: One of the easiest ways to find the journal entry in QuickBooks Online is to click the magnifying glass at the top right of the page in QuickBooks, and display drop-down showing your recent transactions:

The journal entry with the date range of September 15th to September 29th - is the entry we wish to delete.

Click on the appropriate journal entry to open it.
Click on 'More' at the bottom of the page and choose 'Delete' from the options:

This will delete the journal entry and remove any match that you had in your banking section of QuickBooks Online.

Please note: If the settlement crosses over a two-month period (January and February), A2X will split that settlement by month. In QuickBooks Online, one portion of the settlement will be dated January, and the other portion will be dated February. It is important to ensure you have removed both portions of any split settlement.

You are now ready to re-send the settlement(s) over to QuickBooks Online!

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