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How to set up marketplace tracking in QuickBooks Online
How to set up marketplace tracking in QuickBooks Online

Integrate tracking with A2X to get Profit & Loss by Amazon marketplace in QuickBooks

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Locate your Settings icon in the top right corner of QuickBooks:

Choose Account and Settings from the menu: 

Click on Advanced Settings and then on the Edit icon to the right of the Categories section:

Check the box next to 'Track classes' to turn them on and click on Save:

Go back to the Settings Icon and choose 'All lists' in the menu:

Then, click on Classes:

Add your marketplaces one at a time by clicking on the green New button in the top right corner:

When you are done creating classes for your marketplaces, go to Settings > Connections in A2X and click Refresh QuickBooks Cache:

After you've refreshed your cache, your classes will be available in Settings > Journals in A2X. You will see them in the drop-down list:

Click on Update Journal Settings, and your transactions will be classed by their corresponding marketplace when you send the settlements over to QuickBooks Online. You can now run Profit & Loss Statements by marketplace.

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