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How to set up marketplace tracking in Xero
How to set up marketplace tracking in Xero

Integrate tracking with A2X to get P&L by Amazon marketplace in Xero

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To set up marketplace tracking in Xero, just follow these simple steps!

Click the Accounting menu in Xero and then select 

From the Advanced Accounting menu select Tracking Categories.

In Tracking Categories, you can easily add category options for your marketplace tracking category to match your Amazon Marketplaces.

Once you have added the tracking, go back to A2X and click Settings > Connections.

And then click the Refresh Xero Cache button.

After refreshing the cache the tracking options will become available in Settings > Invoices. You will see them in the drop-down list.

Finally, click on the orange 'Update Invoice Settings' button. 

Now, the settlements will be tracked by the marketplace they are from when you send them over to Xero, and you can run Profit and Loss Statements by marketplace. 

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